Dianova Idell Förening

Established in 1997 Dianova Idell Förening (Sweden) provides assessment and referral services for people with substance abuse disorders and offers reception services for migrants and refugees.
Dianova Sweden

Dianova conducts assessment and motivational interviews in Sweden before referring people to Dianova’s therapeutic communities in Spain and Portugal

Dianova Idell Förening at a Glance

1 + 6

Employees and volunteers

1 Townhouse

Dedicated to evaluation interviews and housing of migrant people

2 Main Services

Evaluation and referral (addiction services) and residential services for migrants

32 people served

By the services of Dianova Idell Förening in 2017

Programmes and Activities

  • Reception and evaluation services of people with substance use disorders;  they are then referred to the centres of Can Parellada (Dianova Spain) and Quinta das Lapas (Dianova Portugal) – the financing is fully ensured by municipalities
  • Residential reception services for mgrants and their families

Dianova Idell Förening and the Sustainable Development Goals

sdg-10-11In 2017, Dianova Idell Förening worked with the Liberandum organization to provide housing for asylum-seeking families. In this way, Dianova contributed to sustainable development goal #10 (reducing inequalities) and #11 (sustainable cities and communities), helping to ensure responsible migration and providing access to adequate housing.

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