Associaçâo Dianova Portugal

Founded in 1984, the Association Dianova Portugal has since been specializing in addiction treatment, prevention and reintegration, social and community development, psychosocial support and counseling, and training activities for individuals and organizations. In addition, Dianova Portugal develops community-based, health promotion initiatives.

Quinta das Lapas (Torres Vedras, Portugal)

Visit of the center of Quinta das Lapas (Torres Vedras, Portugal) during the 20th anniversary of the Dianova network in June 2018 – photo Dianova

Dianova Portugal at a Glance

30 + 154

Employees and volunteers

5 facilities

1 head office, 1 residential centre, 1 reintegration appartment, 1 training facility, 1 psychosocial support centre

267 people served

By the services and programmes developed by Dianova Portugal in 2017

5,404 people

Have been reached by Dianova’s “Mocktails” health promotion initiative in 2017

Programmes and Activities

  • Evaluation and diagnosis
  • Residential addiction treatment centre (drugs, alcohol)
  • Social and vocational reintegration
  • Training and diploma courses
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Social support and community development

Dianova Portugal and the Sustainable Development Goals

Education and Training

The educational activities of Dianova Portugal are mainly aimed at the vocational and technical training of adults, with a direct impact on sustainable development goal 4.4. In 2017, 38 people benefited from Dianova’s technical training services and 11 people participated in the European Voluntary Service through the organization.

Addiction Services

In 2017, Dianova’s treatment and reintegration services in Portugal directly benefited 205 people. In addition, Dianova’s yearly, health promotion “Mocktails” initiative (read below) has reached 5,404 people this year. All these activities have mainly been associated with targets 5 (prevention and treatment of substance abuse) and 6 (prevention of road traffic accidents) of goal # 3.

Social and Humanitarian Support

This year, Dianova’s professional integration program benefited 24 people, contributing in particular in goal 8.6: “By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training”.

People served in 2017, by intervention area

  • Education and training
  • Addiction, physical and mental health
  • Social and humanitarian services

Health Promotion, the "Mocktails" Initiative

Since 2009, Dianova Portugal has been organizing the “Mocktails: Memories of a Night of Fun” yearly initiative in Torres Vedras.  The event is made possible by the support and partnership of many local and national players including schools, businesses, police, civil protection, the Municipal Chamber, etc.

Since its creation, the initiative has reached nearly 40,000 people through a dedicated local action focused on promoting healthier behaviours and lifestyles.

Mocktails 2017

Affiche de l’édition 2017 de l’initiative “Mocktails”

Drug Policy in Portugal

This video explains how Portugal managed to successfully tackle a severe drug crisis through a public health approach based on the decriminalization of drug use and harm reduction initiatives. On the downside however, access to abstinence-oriented treatment programmes can be difficult. View Dianova’s horticulture-based, on-the-job reintegration enterprise at 11mn 26s.


  • Ordinary member of Dianova International
  • Non-governmental organization for development
  • Social solidarity institution of public utility
  • Training organization certified by the Directorate General of Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) and accredited CCPFC (Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Continuing Education)
  • Intervention service in addictive behaviours and addictions (SICAD – Ministry of Health)
  • Registered in the Register of Health Organizations (ERS)
    ISO 9001: 2008 Certification Quality Management for Treatment and Reintegration
  • Host Institution of the Refugee Support Platform (PAR)
  • Member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC)
  • Member of the Vienna NGOC Committee on Drugs (VNGOC)
  • In Protocol with iGen – Equality Organizations Forum (CITE)
  • Associated with the Non-Governmental Forum for Social Inclusion (FNGIS)
  • Member of the Portuguese Federation of Private Institutions Working in Addiction (FETO)
  • Registered at the Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament ID 523238518817-56
  • Registered with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Contact Information

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