Fundación Dianova Nicaragua

Established in 1986, the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation implements educational and vocational training projects aimed primarily at vulnerable communities. In addition, the Foundation is now developing  a responsible tourism project through the Europeo Hotel in Managua, an establishment whose proceeds are used to finance the Foundation’s social projects.

Laguna 2 - Dianova Nicaragua

Laguna 2 project: pupils from a public school where the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation’s “Life Skills” workshops are implemented – photo: Dianova

Dianova Nicaragua in 2018

17 Employees

Women: 70%, men: 30%

1 Facility

1 solidarity hotel

75 people served

By Dianova’s training and educational programmes for children and youth implemented in 2018

Programmes and Activities 2018

  • Health and Welfare Networks for Adolescents, Youth and their Families (AY Networks project)
  • Activities for trainees
  • Collaboration and partnership agreement with the National School of Catering

Impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

3.1 By 2030, reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births.

3.4 By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.

3.5 Strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol.

5.1 End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere

5.2 Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation

Related Activities

Dianova Nicaragua’s “Health and Welfare Networks for Adolescents, Youth and their Families” project is aimed at young people from Laguna 1 and Laguna 2 communities in Granada. Its goal is to create the conditions for young people to develop and consolidate the skills that will allow them to become the actors in the promotion, exercise and defence of their rights in order to achieve integral development.

The 75 beneficiaries of the project engage in active cooperation with parents, teachers and other members of the community and civil society in finding solutions to their problems and the most urgent needs.

The project addresses issues related to alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality education, gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health, thus contributing to SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) targets 1, 4 and 5, and SDG 5 (Gender equality) targets 1 and 2. In addition, through its target audience (adolescents from disadvantaged communities) and its means of action, the project made cross-cutting contributions to SDG 1 (End of poverty) and SDG 4 (Quality education).

Certifications and accreditations

Contact information

Some of the projects or activities currently running in Fundación Dianova Nicaragua

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