Kothowain – Bangladesh

Kothowain – Vulnerable People’s Development Organization

Kothowain – Vulnerable People’s Development Organization works to bring about positive, sustainable changes in society by reducing poverty among marginalized social groups.

Access to drinking water - Kothowain

With food and housing security access to a safe drinking-water supply is a key element of people’s quality of life – photo: Kothowain

The objective of Kothowain is to promote socio-economic development, promotion and empowerment among marginalized people in Bangladesh. The association targets more especifically women and children, through participatory process by undertaking needs- and rights-based development programmes in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region.

Fields of interest

Human Rights, livelihood, climate change, education, indigenous peoples, health and sanitation, adolescent and youth development, empowerment and employment and advocacy and networking

Kothowain at a Glance


Opening year

18 + 31

Employees and volunteers

3 facilities

The organization is mainly dedicated to outreach work

14,300 people served

in 2016-2017, from ethnic minority and mainstream communities

The Activities of Kothowain

  • Formal and non-formal education in schools (most projects have this focus)
  • Development and empowerment of disabled persons
  • Community empowerment – sustainable development projects
  • Promotion of water sanitation and hygiene
  • Women and children rights


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