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Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation

The Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (KKAW) was launched in Islamabad (Pakistan) to inform and educate Pakistani youth about the potentially tragic consequences of drug abuse.

 KKAWF Drug Awareness Week

Drug Awareness Week, City School Capital Campus, Islamabad – photo: KKAWF

Karim Khan Welfare Foundation logoThe Karim Khan Afridi Foundation (KKAW) was launched in June, 2015, after Mrs. Cristina Von Sperling Afridi and her husband lost their son, aged 19. Since then, the Foundation has pledged to raise awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and addiction among the population, and more particularly the youth – almost 66% of population of Pakistan is below the age of 25.

“Reports show that Pakistan has around 8.9 million people who use some form of drug. This is quite alarming for the children to be exposed to such a menace and it is time that we should guide our school-going teenagers on the dangers of indulging in the use of recreational drugs through mediums other than the textbooks.” 

The Karim Khan Afridi Foundation at a Glance


Opening year

4 + 25

Employees and volunteers

+ de 9,000 people

have participated in KKWF activities in 2017

Spheres of interest

Drug Awareness

  • Create theater plays revolving around drug abuse and its consequences
  • Organize and conduct training programmes on these issues for teachers
  • Promote the inclusion of drug awareness courses in academic syllabus
  • Increase community’s awareness on the misuse of prescription drugs

Environment and Sports

  • Create awareness for a healthier environment
  • Clean-up drives, tree plantations and other related activities with local schools
  • Engage sports complexes to implement similar youth programmes
  • Promote mandatory participation in sports at school for each child
  • Organize inter-school sports competitions

Arts, Culture and Civic Sense

  • Engage youth in artistic and cultural activities
  • Provide opportunities to youth in these fields
  • Promote and initiate the utilization of dedicated air time (TV, radio) for social causes
  • Implement actions to de-glamorize the use of drugs


The Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation produced its first theater play performance dedicated to raise awareness of the consequences of drug abuse, ’19, a Shattered Dream’. More than 2000 Students from different educational institutions watched the play for three days.

19, a shattered dream

The play depicts the life of Sheroo, the late son of Mrs. von Sperling, to help raise consciousness of the consequences of drug abuse. The play should be translated in Urdu before being staged in different schools across the country


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Some of the projects or activities currently running in KKAWF – Pakistan

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