Associazione Dianova Italia

Founded in 1984, Dianova Italy is a socially engaged, non-profit organization (ONLUS) developing  a variety of programmes in the fields of addiction prevention and treatment, education, and social and community development.

dianova milan marathon

Representatives of Dianova Italy participate each year in the Milan Marathon with the aim of promoting sport and fundraising

Dianova Italy in 2018

124 + 5

Employees and volunteers

8 structures

5 residential centres for adults, 1 centre for adolescents, 1 apartment for admissions, 1 headquarter and communications office

2,193 people served

By Dianova Italy’s programmes in 2017

161 families

Have benefited from psychological interventions

Programmes and Activities 2018

  • Prevention of addiction-related and other problems among adolescents
  • Educational residential intervention for minors
  • Vocational and technical training
  • Counselling and referral centres (addiction)
  • Addiction residential treatment programme for adults
  • Prevention and awareness activities for adults and adolescents
  • Organization of leisure activties for youth
  • Interventions for families
  • Food and drug collection

Dianova Italy and the Sustainable Development Goals

Education and Training

sdg 4: education

sdg 8: economic growth

sdg 10: reduced inequalities

In 2017, Dianova Italy’s education (objective 4), prevention and vocational training programmes benefited 233 people, including adults and young people in vulnerable social situations. Partnerships with cooperatives, educational centers, professional associations and the judiciary have notably increased the number of people receiving vocational and technical training (objective 8) and improved their social integration capacity (objective 10).

Addiction Services

sdg 3: health and well-being1,960 people and 161 families benefited this year from Dianova Italy’s activities in this area, including counselling services; emergency reception and residential treatment programmes; information and awareness-raising sessions on alcohol and other drug abuse among adolescents and adults (objective 3.5); and activities to promote safe and healthy leisure activities and lifestyles (mountain therapy). lastly, Dianova’s residential addiction treatment centres also welcome people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other infections, a population  too often stigmatized and vulnerable to discrimination of all kinds.

Social and Humanitarian Support

sdg 2: zero hungerIn 2017, Dianova Italy launched, in collaboration with the Food Bank and the Pharmaceutical Bank, a project to collect food and medicines for economically vulnerable people. The project supported the implementation of objectives 2 (zero hunger) and 3 (health and well-being).

People served in 2017 by intervention area

  • Education and training
  • Addiction and health

Certifications and accreditations

Dianova is an accredited public service in the regions of Lazio, Lombardy, Marche, and Sardinia, under an agreement with the Ministry of Justice.

Contact Info

  • Address: Associazione Dianova Italia, Viale Forlanini, 121 – 20024 Garbagnate Milanese (Mi) (Italie)
  • Web site:
  • Tel.: (39) 02.99022033 –

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