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Founded in 1993, “Up” is an association that helps people with substance abuse disorders and their families. Up is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization working in the field of social protection with status of public utility.

Listen first - drustvo up

“Listen first – giving each day a little bit of your time can be critical to preventing risky behaviours.” Participation of Drustvo Up in the “Listen First” Campaign, an initiative promoted by UNODC and implemented by the Dianova network

drustvo up logoThe association Up works in many areas related to addictions: implementing education and awareness activities for the general public; addressing substance use related stigma and discrimination; implementing prevention programmes; facilitating addiction treatment programmes in partnership with Dianova’s therapeutic communities abroad; providing reintegration programmes; and carrying out advocacy activities to pave the way for future actions related to  addiction policies and public health.

Drustvo Up at a Glance

5 + 16

Employees and volunteers

2 facilities

1 head office and 1 reintegration facility

284 people

have benefited from the education and training activities implemented by “Up” in 2017

267 people

have benefited from Up’s addiction services and programmes in 2017

Programmes and activities

Information and Prevention

The UP association provides detailed information on addiction problems and treatment options. Individual interviews are held at the organization’s headquarters in Ljubljana or in the centre of Trbovlje.

Dianova Therapeutic Programme

The UP association facilitates access to Dianova’s treatment centres abroad to people who may benefit from a withdrawal from at-risk social and family environments. UP takes care of all steps necessary before the admission in the treatment programme and maintains a close relationship with Dianova’s  counsellors throughout the programme.

Reintegration Programme

UP offers a six-month residential programme with a possibility of extension. The day programme runs from Monday to Friday and provides counselling and follow-up to help people live drug-free. Participation of families other key people is recommended.

Counselling Services

The individual or group counselling programme is dedicated to addressing he needs of people having completed the reintegration phase (or after an early dropout). It supports the acquisition of new skills, experiences or relationships, through educational debates, sports and cultural activities, etc.

“Young and Drug-free”

One-year prevention program to help participants live drug-free. It is aimed at minors and young adults who are at risk or frequent use of cannabis, synthetic drugs and other drugs or alcohol.

“School of Life Skills”

An educational and awareness-raising conference programme by experts in various areas related to addictions – free of charge and open to the public.


The UP association also carries out a variety of advocacy activities aimed at improving the support provided to substance abusers and their families: participation in the preparation of the law on the prevention of drug use and the treatment of users, other legislative proposals , etc.

Drustvo Up and the Sustainable Development Goals

Education and Training

Drustvo Up is implementing a life skills program that has benefited 284 people in 2017. The program’s activities emphasize the complementary nature of goals 3 (health and well-being) and 4 (education) and use educational tools to educate beneficiaries about issues related to addictions and health in general. The program is based on a global participation including the users and former users of substances, their families and the whole community.

Addiction Services

goal 3: healthIn the field of addiction prevention and treatment, the organization’s various services benefited 267 people in 2017, including information, counselling, and psychosocial support services, and residential and outpatient treatment programmes. These activities contributed to goal 3 target 5 (prevention and treatment of psychoactive substance abuse)


  • Associate member of Dianova International
  • Audit of programmes by the Social Chamber of Slovenia

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