Dianova Canada

Established in 1989 Dianova Canada develops residential and outpatient treatment programmes as well as two buildings dedicated to social housing with community support. In addition Dianova is now operating a unit which specializes in the care of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Severe Behavioural Disorders (ASD).

Aylwin House (Montreal)

Social housing with community support: view of one of the rooms at Aylwin House (Montreal)

Dianova Canada at a Glance




Regular volunteers

4 facilities

2 residential facilities, 2 buildings for social housing services including one with administrative and intake and evaluation services

821 people served

By Dianova Canada’s programmes and services in 2017

Programmes and Activities

  • Intake, evaluation and referral services (addictions)
  • Residential addiction treatment programme
  • Social housing with community support
  • Residential care of people with autism spectrum disorders/severe behavioural disorders
  • Support to social and vocational reintegration

Dianova Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals

Addiction and Mental Health

In 2017, Dianova Canada’s programmes in this area benefited 745 people. The evaluation, assessment and referral services for people with substance abuse disorders and the Terrebonne residential treatment centre contribute to the implementation of various targets under goal #3 (health and well being). In addition, the programmes meet other sustainable development objectives related to social development and professional integration.

Finally, Dianova’s specialized care unit for people with autism spectrum disorders and severe behavioural disorders contributes to Goal #3, Target 4 which related to the promotion of mental health.

Social and Humanitarian Support

Dianova Canada’s social support programs benefited 76 people in 2017 through two programmes: the organization’s social housing with community support services and the alternative work program paid by the day (TAPAJ). The latter offers socially rewarding opportunities for reintegration for people at risk of social exclusion. This programme has been made possible through partnerships with public institutions and private businesses.

Both programmes aim to reduce the risks usually associated with the situation of these vulnerable people, thus contributing to many of the goals of Agenda 2030, including goals #8 (decent work and economic growth), #10 (reduced inequalities) and #11 (sustainable cities and communities).

Beneficiaries in 2017 by intervention area

  • Addiction and mental health services
  • Social and humanitarian services

Certifications and Accreditations

Contact Information

  • Address: Dianova Canada, 1273 rue Saint André, Montréal, QC, H2L 3T1
  • Web: www.dianova.ca | Dianova Canada on Facebook
  • Tel: 514 875 7013 | Toll Free: 1 877 528 5541  |  Fax: 514 875 5871

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