AJEAH – Togo

Association des Jeunes Engagés pour l’Action Humanitaire (Togo)

AJEAH (Association of Engaged Youth for Humanitarian Action) is a development NGO established in 2007 to contribute to improving people’s living conditions, promoting the rule of law and good governance and ensuring that Togo is in the path to sustainable development.

projet AJEAH

Lancement du projet: bonne gouvernance et lutte contre la corruption dans la région des plateaux au Togo

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The mission of AJEAH is to work for the promotion, defense and protection of human rights, safeguard the rights of communities to access natural resources, defend environmental interests and sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, the association benefits from the financial support of the European Union and other technical and financial partners.

Some of the Ojectives of AJEAH

  • Promoting local development while combating poverty and food insecurity in rural areas,
  • Developing education and health in local communities,
  • Promoting human rights and participatory democracy through education,
  • Improving exchanges between local communities and to raising awareness of environment protection needs,
  • Raising awareness among communities of the need to address children’s sexual exploitation and HIV / AIDS.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs 12, 13, 17A regional awareness-raising and training workshop for NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) from the plateau region has been organized by AJEAH and other NGOs and government agencies on the Green Climate Fund issue. This fund aims to promote resilient and low-carbon development models capable of contributing to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This capacity building workshop contributed to goal 13 target 3 (education on climate change), goal 12 target 2 (sustainable management of resources) and goal 17 (partnerships).


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