Strategy 2020

Dianova’s 2016-2020 strategic orientations were developed over a six-month period with the participation of about 50 people, both representative of the network’s member organizations and stemming from diversified backgrounds in terms of experience, proficiency and professional skills.

About Strategic Planning

Strategic planning implies to develop a roadmap that will provide Dianova with the means to achieve its medium to long term vision. It is a process that requires the Dianova network to examine its environments and its different contexts, both internally and externally, draw up future projections and identify strategies that will enable it to fulfil its Mission. Finally, strategic planning is about trying and anticipating the new developments that are now taking shape, instead of just reacting to immediate events.

Unity of Action & Autonomy

The outcomes this strategic planning were approved in October 2015 by the Assembly of Delegates of Dianova International (Dianova’s highest governance body, comprised of representatives of each member organization). After this, each member organization of the network has had to develop their own strategic plan based on these guidelines and on a deciding principle: Unity of Action & Autonomy.

“Plans are worthless, but planning is indispensable”, Dr. Graeme Edwards

The success of a strategic plan is primarily based on the process leading to it. A strategic plan is much more than a mere document, it is a participatory process that leads each participant to adopt common objectives in order to reach a consensus on the strategic orientations of an organization.

Strategic Orientations 2020

Purpose of the Dianova Network

We are an active part of the Social Solidarity Economy Sector, dedicated to building a society that is more equitable and more balanced.

Dianova contributes through effective interventions to the process of development of people, groups and organizations, by establishing agreements with other agents, thus enhancing their growth and autonomy.

Vision 2020

  • Dianova is an international network active in the field of social solidarity economy and maintaining strategic alliances which contribute to a more just and equitable social development.
  • Dianova is a proactive social agent which develops innovative actions, promoting organizational resilience as a deciding factor for development.
  • Dianova develops diversified and trust-based projects with the public and/or private sectors, being a self-reliant, financially self-sustaining organization.
  • Dianova is a reference for the organized civil society due to its interventions and advocacy actions impacting directly on public policies.

Guidelines 2020

  • Diversification: We develop projects through strategic alliances which guarantee our autonomy and sustainability.
  • Internationality: Our purpose is to be citizens of the world, acting as international ambassadors of community networking.
  • Proactivity: We take responsibility for making things happen.
  • Adaptability: We provide effective responses to the challenges of a changing environment, thus strengthening internal cohesion and organizational development.