Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of Dianova International are responsible for overseeing the development and strategic orientations of the Dianova Network. they consist of the Assembly of delegates and the Assembly council.

Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly is the highest body of the organization, it is responsible for ratifying the Dianova Network’s policies and strategic orientations; each member organization appoints one or more representatives as a delegate to the Assembly which is held annually.

Assembly Council

The Assemby Council is responsible for defining the strategic and operational frameworks common to the Dianova network member organizations. The Assembly council currently consists of the following members:

  • Lizarza, Mary-Christine – President
  • Brundu, Davide – Vice-president
  • Franceschi, Luca 
  • Goberna, Rafael 
  • Goti, Elena 
  • Heim, Jean
  • Leon, Alberto 
  • Pons-Formosa, Xavier
  • Puppo, Pierangelo 
  • Santos, Ana 
  • Stivan, Elisa