Dianova International

Headquartered in Switzerland, Dianova International is an NGO dedicated to support a network of organizations operating in 19 countries and 4 continents to help those most vulnerable; in addition Dianova International promotes social progress within international organizations and forums addressing social policies.

Lines of Work

Supporting the Dianova Network

Dianova International provides support and guidance to the 22 members of the Dianova Network for the development and management of their activities

International Relations and Advocacy

Dianova International reinforces and steers the voices of civil society within international organizations and forums while identifying social problems and addressing the causes of social vulnerability.

Resource Mobilization for a Social Objective

Dianova International promotes and nurtures cooperation between public and private sectors to achieve sustainable social progress and improve people’s lives

Governing Bodies

Dianova’s governing bodies comprise the Assembly of Delegates and the Assembly Council

Our Staff

Our staff are as diverse as the jobs they do but they all share a commitment to Dianova’s mission and values.

Projects we are currently working on

  1. Empower Women, Empower Society

    “Empower women, empower society” is the closing motto of the short video that spearheads the third phase of Dianova’s Human Empowerment campaign....

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  2. Human Empowerment Campaign

    Dianova aims to promote a holistic perspective of addiction treatment based on individual empowerment, and raise awareness of the need...

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  3. “Listen First!” Campaign – The Durans visit “Catalonia in Miniature”

    With the "Listen First!" Campaign, follow the  adventures of the Durans, a fictional family whose concerns are those of real...

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  4. “Listen First!” Campaign – The Duran Family in Boí Taüll

    Through the "Listen First" campaign, Dianova invites readers to share the "adventures" of the Duran family whose experiences reflect the...

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  5. UNiTE to End Gender-based Violence

    Dianova launches a 16-day campaign to raise awareness about, and help prevent, gender-based violence. Our objective is to help achieve...

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  6. Improving Family Communication

    How to talk to your child about alcohol and other drugs? How your child approaches alcohol and drugs can have...

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  7. Language Courses and Training for the Integration of Young People

    In Rome, Italy, as in several parts of Europe, there is an urgent need to provide integration for migrant communities...

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  8. Reducing Vulnerability to Substance Abuse, One Slum at a Time

    In the major slums of Nairobi, Kenya, substance abuse has been rising dramatically among children, youth and women, causing alarm...

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