Education & Training Services

Education is the key to the future and to progress and is the best tool for sustainable human development

In the Dianova model, education is a cross-cutting practice that is present in all areas of intervention and is at the heart of our mission. For Dianova, contributing to the development and autonomy of people involves, among other things, the implementation of educational spaces.+.

In addition, Dianova members carry out various educational and training activities aimed at different people and communities

Some of our activities in this field

Fundación Dianova Chile – E-learning services

Aimed at the kindergarten and primary education sectors, these initiatives both target professors and pupils in such areas as teamwork and risk behaviour management, among others. In addition, the Foundation implements training activities  for private companies, public administrations and civil society organizations to promote work/life balance and corporate social responsibility.

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Dianova Portugal – “Learn Addiction”

“Learn Addiction is a multilingual and open e-learning platform dedicated to addiction prevention, intervention and treatment. Its objective is to respond to the training needs of professional addiction counsellors throughout Europe.

This project, pioneer in Europe, started in 2018, when, following the proposal of  UNAD (Union of Associations and Organizations dedicated to addiction care – Spain), five European partners met and initiated transnational studies to assess the training needs of addiction professionals in various EU countries.

Currently, the platform includes four modules:

  • Module 1: Prevention, intervention and treatment of non-substance related addictive behaviours.
  • Module 2: Prevention, intervention and treatment of addictive behaviours in young people.
  • Module 3: The gender perspective in the prevention, intervention and treatment of addiction.
  • Module 4: European quality standards in addiction prevention

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Our impact in 2022

Dianova indirectly contributes to SDG 4  (quality education) through its information and awareness-raising activities, specialized training for adults and education/training for children. In 2022, these services directly benefited 46,781 people and indirectly benefited 35,062 people.


have directly benefited from the Dianova network members’ information and awareness-raising activities


have received specialized training sessions for adults implemented by the Dianova network


have enrolled in the educational activities or programmes developed by the Dianova network

Other SDGs indirectly impacted

Participating in an emotional approach workshop and being able to exchange experiences helps me to adequately react to high-conflict situations. Francisco