Social Integration & Equality

We must focus on the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations in order to promote their social, economic and political inclusion

The onward march of modern societies leaves too many people by the wayside. Dianova commits to vulnerable or excluded individuals, with initiatives designed to meet their needs and foster their independence

Many countries have established social safety nets and assistance schemes that play a critical role in protecting their citizens. In spite of these, inequalities are on the rise, adding to the weight of problems that the poorest people face: housing, employment and training, education, health, illiteracy, access to leisure and culture, etc. These problems create the potential that they can become even more socially vulnerable.

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Our impact in 2020

Dianova’s work with vulnerable populations contributes to SDGs 8, 10 and 11. These initiatives include, among others: outreach interventions for vulnerble people with drug dependence and their families, reintegration support programmes, community outreach, youth development programmes, and support for migrants and refugees.


directly served by activities or programmes in this field


indirectly served by activities or programmes in this field


Activities or programmes
implemented by the Dianova network in this field

Other SDGs Indirectly Impacted

Some Examples

Thanks to the housing programme, I’ve been able to find myself a job and take care of my children. Raffaella

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