Partnerships & Cooperation

the only way to achieve a prosperous, fair and respectful future is through cooperation and partnership

The creation of a new generation of partnerships with governments, civil society, academia and the private sector will produce the best conditions for inclusive, sustainable development and the prevention of conflicts

The participation of different stakeholders, including those speaking for the most vulnerable populations, in policy planning and development ensures greater sense of ownership of these policies and favours their success long-term.

Dianova International is committed to contributing the objectives of sustainable development. To this end, the organization prepares and implements projects in partnership with civil society organizations and the public and private sectors, in a spirit of openness and close collaboration, taking advantage of the resources and capacities of these different actors.

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Our impact in 2020

The implementation of collaborative projects is essential to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Dianova is committed to working with other NGOs and institutional actors to achieve the objectives of the SDG17: addressing the stigma of addiction, mitigating the impact of COVID, preventing addiction, empowering women, etc.


directly served by activities or programmes in this field


indirectly served by activities or programmes in this field


Activities or programmes
implemented by the Dianova network in this field

Other SDGs Indirectly Impacted

Some Examples

Having an addiction disorder is a disease. The business world and society as a whole should be made more aware of this so that we can keep our jobs and look for a better future Marcos

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