International Relations and Advocacy

Advocacy aims to influence public policies and meet the many challenges facing our societies; it is therefore a driving force for change
Through our participation in a number of committees and platforms, we advocate for diverse causes and contribute to ensuring that the needs, experiences and expertise of all stakeholders are heard and taken into consideration

Our impact in 2022

In 2022, our actions had a specific impact on the following areas of interest: health and drug policy, gender perspective, children’s rights and addictions, the role of civil society, and follow-up to the 2030 Agenda


Meetings of experts
Participation of our representatives in specialized meetings organised by international and European organizations


Events and webinars
Participation of our representatives to various events/webinars (CND, OAS, CSW, etc.)


Oral and written contributions
to organisations active in the Dianova network’s areas of interest


Surveys and statements
participation in surveys and support for statements by third party organisations


organized/co-organized by Dianova International


Advocacy initiatives
carried out in 2022

SDGs impacted, directly or indirectly

Some of our advocacy articles