Human Rights

Defending human rights and helping to promote just, peaceful, and inclusive communities

Promoting social development implies acting for people’s fundamental rights including the right to dignity and a decent life

Over the past thirty years, the rate of extreme poverty has been reduced threefold and the populations’ living conditions have improved significantly in most of the world’s regions. However persistent areas of widespread poverty remain and there are enormous differences in inequality and poverty levels between countries.

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Our impact in 2020

Dianova is committed to human rights by implementing initiatives against poverty (SDG 1) and hunger (SDG 2), as well as community actions and advocacy for good local governance (SDG 16), and to guarantee local populations a quality water supply (SDG 6)


directly served by activities or programmes in this field


indirectly served by activities or programmes in this field


Activities or programmes
implemented by the Dianova network in this field

Other SDGs Indirectly Impacted

Some Examples

Having water in the Center has changed our lives. Now we can produce food and maintain a daily hygiene without having to walk kilometers. María