Addiction services

Addiction is a disease that needs to be treated with compassion and empathy, not judgement and rejection

The Dianova network member organizations offer treatment programs for drug, alcohol and other addictive disorders (behavioural addictions), as well as prevention and awareness-raising activities

Our impact in 2022

Dianova contributes to SDG 3 (Health and wellbeing) through the implementation of individualized addiction prevention and treatment programs, other health programs, and advocacy activities. In 2022, our services have directly benefited 17,746 people and indirectly 16,424 people.


have directly benefited from our members’ residential and outpatient treatment services


have been impacted by our members’ prevention activities, including school-based programs


have directly benefited from assessment and diagnostic services, mental health, family and other services

Other SDGs, directly or indirectly impacted

Dianova members offering services in the field of addiction

Associação Dianova Portugal

Evidence-based Individualized addiction treatment program in a safe and secure residential setting, based on treatment plans tailored to each person’s needs and aimed at providing support and resources for their detoxification and rehabilitation, with the objective of promoting social and community integration.


CAPSA (Canada)

The Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) implements the “All People, All Pathways” program: these peer-facilitated groups free from stigma and discrimination offer evidence-based practices and tools designed to help those who are questioning their relationship in regard to substance use health, with a view to help them find their own path, and achieve their goals for increased wellness.


Dianova Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)

Dianova Italia offers residential addiction treatment programs for adults in five therapeutic communities; in addition Dianova operates daycare centres and information services in different facilities throughout the country.


Drustvo UP (Slovenia)

In Slovenia, the organization UP offers treatment programs and information and referral services for pople with substance use disorders and their families. In addition, UP provides prevention and support programs for young people with high-risk substance use.


Fundación Dianova Chile

The Dianova Chile Foundation operates  an outpatient program for adolescent offenders with problematic drug and alcohol use.


Fundación Dianova Uruguay

The Dianova Uruguay Foundation develops a residential program for dual pathology (mental health / addictions) for men from 17 to 29 years old, and an outpatient program for men and women with problematic use of psychoactive substances.


Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (Pakistan)

In Pakistan, the KKAWF is dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful consequences of drug use through school- and university-based awareness raising sessions and other events.


SPYM (India)

The Society for the Promotion of Youth and Populations (SPYM) is dedicated to helping vulnerable communities throughout the whole country. The organization provides outpatient and residential treatment services for young and adults with substance use disorders.


Participating in Dianova Portugal’s rehab program truly changed my life. João

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