XIV IDB-Civil Society Meeting in Managua

civil society meeting managua

XIV meeting between the Inter-American Development Bank & Civil Society Organizations in Managua

The meeting is to take place in Managua (Nicaragua), on 22 and 23 october at the Hotel Intercontinental Metrocenter of this city.

This event offers organizations of civil society organizations (CSOs) the possibility of knowledge and direct discussion of priority issues within the development agenda of the region. It also provides an opportunity for dialogue, information exchange, providing opportunities for CSOs from 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and the private sector, public sector and the IDB.

This meeting is expected to involve more than 250 CSOs, including Dianova International The topics to be discussed will include:

  •   Youth and Employment
  •   Adaptation to climate change.
  •   Implications of gender inequality.
  •   Best practices for sustainability of CSOs.