Drug Policies and Addictions

  1. Dianova Urges CICAD to Reduce Addiction Stigma

    During discussions with CSOS at the 66th Ordinary Session of CICAD, (Miami,19-21 November, 2019), our representative Ms. Maria Victoria Espada urged member states to reduce stigma and promote treatment access


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  2. The Impact of Stigma on People with Substance Use Disorders

    A statement by Dianova International to the Sixty-second Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs


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  3. Drug policies and the SDGs

    An integrated perspective of Public Drug Policy in the Sustainable Development Goals


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  4. Implementation of the UNGASS outcome document

    Implementation of the UNGASS outcome document

    Dianova published a report detailing how it implements the recommendations of the outcome document of UNGASS 2016 in its various areas of activity


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  5. Warsaw Declaration

    The Warsaw declaration aims to contribute meaningfully to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs being in April 2016, and to the broader drug policy debate beyond this event.


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  6. Moving Toward a New Drug Policy

    A review of Chile’s drug policies and a call against prohibitionist strategies, by María de los Ángeles Lobos Palacios


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  7. Dianova Center in Cozzo (Italy)

    Quality of Drug Demand Reduction Services

    The Dianova network supports the EU minimum quality standards in drug demand reduction endorsed by the Council of the European Union


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  8. Therapeutic Communities: Development & Prospects

    Therapeutic communities differ from other treatment approaches principally in their use of the community as a key agent of change


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  9. Positioning on Addiction and Drug Policies

    The Dianova Network supports the decriminalization of the use of all psychoactive substances


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  10. Marijuana and Adolescence: Questions and Answers

    Dangerousness, occasional consumption or dependency, gateway to other drugs, school-based prevention: the questions all parents ask themselves about marijuana use during adolescence


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