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    People with substance use disorders are more vulnerable to COVID-19. It is therefore essential to protect them while in treatment and stop the spread of the virus. The same goes for other at-risk populations Dianova is dedicated to helping, including migrants, socially disadvantaged youths, women victims of violence and homeless people.

    Who do we help with your support?

    Residents in our centres aren’t the only ones who need your help. Our staff include hundreds of psychologists, social workers, counsellors and other health and social care professionals.  Their services are essential to our society, their daily work upholds our right to health and human empowerment.

    What can we do with your help?

    Thanks to your support, it will be possible to continue procuring protective equipment for our centres and other activities developed in the Dianova network. Even a small contribution can make a difference in ensuring that our staff and the people they serve are protected and safe.

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