Projects that Need Funding

You too can make a difference in people’s lives ! To find out more, please view the list of our current projects

  • Addiction Services Are Essential Services

    Substance use and other addictive disorders are a public health issue, therefore, addiction services should be considered as essential health services

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  • Our Centres Need your Help!

    Supporting all professional staff who currently ensure the daily operation of the reception and care services for populations at risk is a priority for us. We need masks, gloves, disinfectant gel, and any material to help us stop the spread of the virus.

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  • Empower Women, Empower Society

    “Empower women, empower society” is the closing motto of the short video that spearheads the third phase of Dianova’s Human Empowerment campaign

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  • Human Empowerment Campaign

    Our objective is to help achieve the 2030 Agenda’s vision in relation to gender equality: “achieve a world in which all women and girls enjoy full gender equality and all legal, social and economic barriers for their empowerment have been removed”

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  • “Listen First!” Campaign – The Durans visit “Catalonia in Miniature”

    With the "Listen First!" Campaign, follow the  adventures of the Durans, a fictional family whose concerns are those of real families. This month, the Durans are in Catalunya in Miniatura

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