Participate in the 2030 Agenda

We look for companies that wish to contribute to our initiatives and participate in the 2030 Agenda

What are your benefits in collaborating with us?

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The participation of the private sector in the SDGs is a priority for the United Nations and those involved are recognized by the international institution

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To participate is to become one of the pioneers of the private sector in a novel leadership model of corporate social responsibility. It is also a concrete gesture for the development of communities

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Contributing to the SDGs can create a positive public image that reinforces corporate trust through the company’s association with sustainability and human righs objectives

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Contributing to a more peaceful and balanced social development generates economic opportunities for businesses

Dianova can help you bring the
Sustainable Development Goals in your company

  1. The added value in becoming part of this movement through your involvement with Dianova :
    1. You’ll be part of a network committed to sustainable development, operating in all continents, with activities and expertise in several of the SDGs, including the reduction of inequalities and poverty, health and substance abuse prevention, education, gender equality and partnerships and cooperation.
    2. You’ll receive useful information on an ongoing basis about how to contribute more effectively to the SDGs, both internally and externally.
    3. You’ll increase the visibility of your business, for example through:
      1. The sponsorship of events led by Dianova at the UN and in international fora
      2. The inclusion of your company logo in designated ‘SDGs Friends’ pages in our website
      3. Your participation in international campaigns in various themes related to the SDGs

Your participation can help us address the consequences of poverty and inequalities and move towards the sustainable human development we hope to achieve by 2030

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