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  1. Youth, Mental Health and Addiction


    On the occasion of the World Children’s Day, Dianova organized a webinar with the participation of several experts

  2. Helping Minors with Behavioural Disorders


    Interview with professionals from the Zandueta centre dedicated to helping minors with behavioural disorders associated with drug use

  3. Innovative Art against COVID in Pakistan


    Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation promotes youth engagement through innovative art competition in Pakistan

  4. Voices of Youth Against Gun Violence


    Forum on gun violence brought together students and experts for a meaningful dialogue at the United Nations

  5. AIDS: Female Adolescents are the Most Vulnerable

    AIDS: Female Adolescents are the Most Vulnerable


    The number of people in treatment has increased dramatically, reducing AIDS-related deaths among adults and children. However, the number of new HIV infections remains at a worrying level.

  6. New project in Canada: Dianova-ASD


    Dianova opens a specialized residential centre for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  7. June 12 – World Day against Child Labor

    June 12 – World Day against Child Labor


    Education is the sole conclusive weapon against child labor

  8. Geoge Odalo

    Interview with George Odalo – Slum Child Foundation


    "Beside the provision of food, clothing or basic education, it is fundamental to give street children attention, to show them that we love them and care for them"

  9. A Childhood on the Streets

    A Childhood on the Streets


    Every day, about 100 million street children face violence, sexual abuse, exploitation and sometimes, murder

  10. Marathon Milano

    Dianova to Participate in Milano City Marathon to Raise Funds for La Villa Project


    On April 12, Dianova Italy will participate in Milano City Marathon to promote sports and educational activities at "La Villa" residential center for at-risk youth