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  1. Innovative Art against COVID in Pakistan


    Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation promotes youth engagement through innovative art competition in Pakistan

  2. Preventing School-based Violence in Chile

    Preventing School-based Violence in Chile


    Dianova Chile’s program “Living Together and Preventing School-based Violence” aims to counter the increase in violence in schools in the country

  3. Short Film Competition: “Let’s talk About It, You’re Not Alone”

    Short Film Competition: “Let’s talk About It, You’re Not Alone”


    The international DAWAP project came to an end last month. Its objective was to develop effective and science-based tools to be used in communication activities targeting addiction (…)

  4. The Importance of Prevention

    The Importance of Prevention


    "Preventing other problem behaviours may have positive effects with regard to the prevention of substance abuse"

  5. The Activities of the Dianova Network

    Letter from the Director General


    On Dianova's Annual Report 2014, by Montse Rafel

  6. Mocktails 2015

    Mocktails 2015 – 7th edition


    Prevention and health promotion in Portugal

  7. Couverture presse

    Outcomes of the International ‘REACT’ Campaign


    Until August 2014, five of the Dianova Network's member organizations have launched the campaign, reaching an overall social impact of over 46 million people.

  8. Mocktails 2014: Health Ambassadors

    “Mocktails” – Memories of a Night of Fun, 6th Edition


    For the sixth year in a row, Dianova Portugal and Torres Vedras city hall organized "Mocktails 2014", a community-based, health promotion initiative to raise awareness on drug and alcohol-related consequences.  The 2014 edition of the event impacted 5,749 people, an increase of 14% with respect to previous year.

    The "Mocktails 2014" initiative has been held during the week of May 5 to 10, with the collaboration of 41 partners and 44 volunteers operating as "Health Ambassadors"

  9. “Each dollar spent on prevention and treatment can save up to ten dollars”

    “Each dollar spent on prevention and treatment can save up to ten dollars”


    Dianova publishes this week some excerpts from The International Narcotics Control Board's Annual Report. The INCB is an independant control organ for the implementation and monitoring of the United Nations drug conventions. The INCB plays a critical role in monitoring enforcement of restrictions on psychtropic drugs, in particular through its annual report.

    Source : United Nations Information Service (UNIS) and INCB – Dianova International is an NGO accredited to the United Nations Office in Vienna

  10. Dianova's 'React' Drug Awareness Campaign

    REACT Drug Prevention Campaign


    Dianova lauches a new campaign to raise awareness of the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, both for those who abuse substances, their families and entourage. The Dianova "REACT" campaign will be featured in print and electronic media with a series of posters and videos.