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  1. Global Compact for Migration

    Global Compact for Migration


    Take a glimpse into the very first comprehensive intergovernmental agreement for cooperation on migration-related issues

  2. Advocating for migrants’ rights at the United Nations


    In critical moment for the protection of migrants and refugees, Dianova has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts with the organized civil society in New York

  3. The Rohingya Refugee Crises

    The Rohingya Refugee Crises


    Dianova co-organized two panel discussions at the United Nations in New York to address the plight of the Rohingya

  4. Social Justice Day for Migrant Workers


    Improving working conditions and facilitating mobility, through planned and properly managed migration policies, is an integral part of the 2030 Agenda

  5. Together for Migrants and Refugees

    Together for Migrants and Refugees


    Students and academics play a key role in promoting the inclusion of migrants and refugees into communities

  6. The Global Compact on Migration

    The Global Compact on Migration


    UN, New York, 22 & 23 May: Civil Society urges member states to achieve a rights-based agreement with measurable actions

  7. Empowering Migrant Women


    Dianova International led the organization of a Parallel Event at the CSW61 to exchange best practices in the field of migrant women’s economic empowerment

  8. Dianova at the CSW61


    In partnership with local and international NGOs, governments, and NGO Committees, Dianova reached 350 people through events inside and outside the UN premises

  9. Combating Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Hatred

    Combating Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Hatred


    A call to change the narrative on the stories of Muslims and other migrants around the world

  10. Dianova’s Commitment to Gender Equality


    Gender equality: An interview with Montse Rafel, Director General of Dianova International