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  1. Earth Day 2015

    Earth Day 2015


    Environment: experts highlight the urgent need for new thinking

  2. Entrevista INTUR

    An interview with Ana Carolina Garcia, Director of Promotion and Market Development for Nicaragua’s Tourism Institute (INTUR)


    "Sustainability is not only about protecting our environment, it's also about taking advantage of what we already have"

  3. International Volunteer Day

    International Volunteer Day


    Make Change Happen, Volunteer!

  4. International Day for  (Zero) Tolerance!

    International Day for (Zero) Tolerance!


    Being tolerant doesn't mean we should accept anything…

  5. Hotel Europeo

    Responsible Tourism & Education for Sustainable Development


    Responsible tourism and development of local communities

  6. Tackling Corruption to Preserve Social Ties

    Tackling Corruption to Preserve Social Ties


    Opinion, by Montse Rafel – "Corruption has no scruples and no sentiments. It has no culture, no gender, no country and no borders. It affects all of us!"

  7. Mathilde

    Immigration: Interview with Mathilde, Social Worker at Dianova’s Humanitarian Reception Center


    "I dream of a world where people would no longer have to take insane risks for something as simple as seeking a better life"

  8. Ethnic communities

    New, Responsible Tourism Campaign


    Dianova International & Rutas Escondidas launch a campaign to develop responsible tourism in Nicaragua

  9. Summer Youth Assembly

    Summer Youth Assembly at the UN


    Summer Youth Assembly at the UN: Moving Words to Actions!

  10. Greed Triumphs over Good

    Greed Triumphs over Good


    According to Henry Ford, one of the twentieth century’s greatest entrepreneurs, capitalism cannot thrive and prosper without respecting ethics. For Mr. Ford, it was morally and ethically wrong that a chief executive be paid more than forty times the average wage of his employees (1). In other words, Henry Ford belonged to that breed of entrepreneurs (now, an endangered species) for whom capitalism is certainly the mode of social organization most successful and most respectful of everyone’s liberties, provided that those holding the reins of the economic power be capable of showing restraint and self-control.