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  1. SPYM: Enhancing Human Dignity


    The Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) is an Indian organization dedicated to reaching out to the most disadvantaged sections of society

  2. High Level Forum on the SDGs

    High Level Forum on the SDGs


    It is not possible to move forward without granting universal access to basic services such as water, food, energy, health and housing for all.

  3. “Human” – About the Death Penalty

    “Human” – About the Death Penalty


    Abolish the death penalty for drug-related offenses

  4. Corruption, a Roadblock to Development

    Corruption, a Roadblock to Development


    Corruption is a global phenomenon, however it harms poor people more than others, diverting desperately needed funds from education or healthcare

  5. International volunteer Day

    International Volunteer Day


    The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!

  6. Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

    Ending Violence Against Women & Girls


    Prevention is the 2015 theme of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November

  7. Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

    Sustainable Development Goals: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


    High levels of armed violence and insecurity have a destructive impact on a country's development

  8. Santos Cavero, director general - Dianova Spain

    Dianova Spain Presents its Humanitairan Reception Center for Migrants


    Objective: meeting the basic needs of people in extremely vulnerable situations

  9. Donation of education material in Nicaragua

    The Dianova Nicaragua Foundation Launched a Community Development Program Based on Responsible Tourism


    Program "Aprender Participando, Caminando, Conociendo, Viviendo"

  10. Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

    Sustainable Development Objectives: Reduced Inequalities


    Inequality is on the rise, the richest 10 percent earning up to 40 percent of total global income!