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  1. UNICEF under New Leadership

    UNICEF under New Leadership


    The organization’s plan to leave no one behind and reach the furthest behind first includes enhancing partnership and increasing focus on adolescents

  2. Private Sector’s Role in Implementing SDGs


    Le secteur privé peut aider à la réalisation de l’objectif 16 grâce à sa capacité à construire une stabilité économique, à lutter contre la corruption et à promouvoir les droits humains

  3. Mental health: Bringing Stigma to an End

    Mental health: Bringing Stigma to an End


    For people living with a mental health disorder, whatever it may be, prejudice and discrimination can be a major obstacle to a fulfilling and satisfying life

  4. United Nations General Assembly


    The 72nd session of the Assembly opens today under the theme: “Focusing on people – Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet”

  5. Let’s Bridge the Digital Divide!

    Let’s Bridge the Digital Divide!


    On the occasion of the International Literacy Day, September 8, we call for the end of the digital divide between people, communities and countries

  6. Advocate for the #SDGs!

    Advocate for the #SDGs!


    Join us in spreading these messages on twitter and other social media and support sustainable development for all!Gender Equality and Development for LGBTI people

  7. A Human Rights-Based Approach to the SDGs

    A Human Rights-Based Approach to the SDGs


    Transforming goals and aspirations into rights: the role of human rights systems in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

  8. Partnership for Development

    Partnership for Development


    2017 High Level Political Forum: leveraging the different experiences in societies is the only way to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda

  9. Follow the SDGs!


    Helpful Resources to navigate and advance the Sustainable Development Agenda

  10. 2017 High Level Political Forum


    The international community meets at the United Nations from 10 to 19 July, 2017 to review the progress that countries have made on development issues