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  1. Lessons from CSW62


    Leaving no one behind on gender equality includes making all necessary efforts to improving all aspects of the living conditions of women and girls from rural communities

  2. “Millions of Girls Never Set Foot in the Classroom”


    Young girls living in rural communities are especially at risk because of lack of education, ingrained harmful practices, and gender-specific violence

  3. Rural Women and Technology


    Becoming part of the digital world is crucial to empowering women and girls who can learn marketable digital skills, create career pathways, and go beyond gender stereotypes

  4. Women and Mental Health


    Destigmatizing mental illness and opening paths to recovery for rural women

  5. Action for Rural Women and Girls


    The 62th Commission on the Status of Women agrees on a strong plan to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in rural areas

  6. Dianova at the CSW62


    With new and renewed partnerships, Dianova took an active role in five events during the 62th Commission on the Status of Women

  7. Commission on the Status of Women CSW62 – 2018


    As an ECOSOC-accredited NGO, Dianova will attend the sixty-second session of the CSW in New York City from 12 to 23 March and participate in various side events.

  8. Education for Gender Equality in Nicaragua


    8 March, International Women’s Day – education, an instrument of high impact to create a sustainable path for self, family and community development

  9. International Women’s Day – the Commitment of FAPE


    Active Women for Environmental Protection (FAPE) is an associate member of Dianova International, dedicated to defending women’s rights

  10. Children: Victims of Violence against Women


    Every year, 275 million children around the world are victims and witnesses of assault and abuse towards their mothers. Stress, stunted growth, eating disorders and even drug use and suicide are just some of the effects domestic abuse can have on children