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  1. Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM


    Gender equality in STEM studies and careers is improving too slowly, resulting in a loss of talent that we can no longer afford

  2. The Female Experience of Addiction


    Women experience addictive behaviours differently than men, it is therefore urgent to re-evaluate current modalities of support, prevention and treatment

  3. Empowering Girls in India!


    Growing up in the streets of India is no easy job, especially for girls. In Delhi, the Pardabagh Centre is dedicated to changing girls’ lives through empowering education

  4. Dianova Says: “Empower Women, Empower Society”


    Dianova launches the third phase of its “Human Empowerment” campaign and highlights the link between addiction and violence against women

  5. YourVoice+Achieving True Gender Equality

    YourVoice+Achieving True Gender Equality


    Gisela Hansen, clinical psychologist, speaks of the YourVoice+ initiative launched by Dianova to highlights the many obstacles that prevent women’s access to equality

  6. Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work

    Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work


    Sexual harassment: the risk of not taking action in the workplace, a webinar hosted by the “We Empower” team

  7. Dianova Joins the iGen Forum


    Dianova Portugal joined the iGen Forum in a public ceremony held on December 18, committing itself to promote gender equality

  8. Sexual Harassment at Work; How Can We Help?


    In the workplace as elsewhere, victims of harassment are sometimes reluctant to report their abuser. Then, once we are made aware of it, how can we help them?

  9. CEDAW on the Local Level


    What you can do in your own communities to implement international law

  10. Bringing Rural Women and Girls to the Centre

    Bringing Rural Women and Girls to the Centre


    Addressing the needs of rural women and girls is an imperative asset to our world and global economy