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  1. Education to Increase Hope

    Education to Increase Hope


    CoNGO president, and three other NGO leaders, join in a statement on the International Day of Education 2021

  2. Leading a Literate Life


    Since its inception, SPYM has been dedicated to reaching out to the most disadvantaged sections of Indian society, with a strong focus on education and health care

  3. Educating Adolescents in Nicaragua


    International Literacy Day: “Thanks to the Dianova Foundation’s workshops I have learned and changed my way of thinking about important issues for us, adolescents, for my family and my community.”

  4. Education and Literacy in Bangladesh


    International Literacy Day, 8 September – the children of the Bangladeshi indigenous peoples are learning and gaining literacy despite uncountable challenges

  5. The Teens’ Forum


    The Teens’ Forum was organized in Nairobi (Kenya) by the Slum Child Foundation, associate member of the Dianova Network, with over 400 participants

  6. 11 July– World Population Day


    “Both individuals and countries benefit from women’s education, not only in terms of profitability and economic growth, but also in terms of social benefits” – editorial by Montse Rafel