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  1. The SDGs as a Transformation Tool: What Happened over the Last 21 Years?


    Dianova Chile organised a seminar on the sustainable development goals and the challenges associated with their implementation in Chile and the rest of Latin America

  2. Learn Addiction, a Multilingual E-learning Platform Specializing in Addiction


    Dianova Portugal launched Learn Addiction, the first open and multilingual e-learning platform specializing in addiction prevention, intervention and treatment

  3. Dianova Chile – E-learning community


    “E-learning Crecern, a project with great potential for the Dianova network and its stakeholders – – Dianovalive.org

  4. Overcoming Poverty through Literacy


    On the occasion of World Literacy Day, we focus on the action of FAPE, member of the Dianova Network, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  5. Encouraging Integration into the Labour Market


    In Portugal, Dianova implements skills training courses for disadvantaged populations

  6. Preventing School-based Violence in Chile


    Dianova Chile’s program “Living Together and Preventing School-based Violence” aims to counter the increase in violence in schools in the country

  7. High Level SDG Action Event on Education


    In a UN meeting in June 2017, key SDG 4 stakeholders advocated a more innovative, inclusive, and equitable approach to education

  8. Enhancing Human Dignity in India


    A visit to SPYM, an NGO which reaches out to the most disadvantaged sections of the Indian society

  9. The Teens’ Forum


    The Teens’ Forum was organized in Nairobi (Kenya) by the Slum Child Foundation, associate member of the Dianova Network, with over 400 participants

  10. Forum on the Prevention of Violence


    Caracas: participation of Dianova in the EU in Venezuela’s Forum dedicated to experiences of violence prevention