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  1. Dianova Joins the iGen Forum


    Dianova Portugal joined the iGen Forum in a public ceremony held on December 18, committing itself to promote gender equality

  2. Dianova Portugal at the Forefront for Equality


    Dianova Portugal is awarded the “Quality is Equality” Honorable Mention at a ceremony in the presence of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality

  3. Marking a Year of Advocacy, Partnership and Commitment


    A summary of 2017 Dianova International activities: advocacy and international activities, campaigns and communication, strategic coordination and training, development and projects

  4. News from the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation


    The Dianova Nicaragua Foundation continues to support efforts to strengthen the country’s education system

  5. Letter from the Director


    On the occasion of the publication of Dianova’s annual report 2016, we invite you to read this letter which provides an overview of the main events held last year

  6. Achieving Financial Sustainability


    The objectives of the workshop were to review the principal funding sources, sales of products and/or services of third sector organizations

  7. The Ambassadors of Dianova


    The main topics the group discussed during the day were the start of the International Ambassadors program and the commitment to advocating for policies

  8. New Challenges for Social Intervention in a Changing World


    The workshop goal was to review the therapeutic approaches best supported by scientific evidence in order to better handle the challenges of emerging profiles with specific problems

  9. The Dianova Network Welcomes 4 New Members


    The Association of Youth Commited to Humanitarian Action (Togo), the European Center for Addiction Prevention (Romania), Active Women for Environmental Protection (DRC) and RIO (Norway), become associate members of Dianova International

  10. Dianova 2017 Reunion


    Approximately sixty participants and delegates from ordinary, affiliated and associated members of the organization attended Dianova’s Annual meeting