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  1. Children’s Rights and Addictions: Where Do We Stand Now?


    Dianova organized a virtual round table to discuss how to effectively include a children’s perspective in the field of addiction

  2. Addiction: Children’s Rights Matter Too!


    Children have a right to be protected from substance use stigma and its harmful effects on families: an opinion article on the perspective of children’s rights

  3. How Does Parental Drug Use Affect Children?


    These children are at increased risk of adverse consequences including medical, social, psychological and behavioral problems

  4. Addiction: Respecting Children’s Rights


    The time has come to address the rights of children who are exposed to substance misuse

  5. Helping Children whose Caregivers Use Drugs


    A Pompidou Group’s project aims at identifying current policies and opportunities in order to give children and caregivers the support they need

  6. Children in Treatment, a Forgotten Generation?

    Children in Treatment, a Forgotten Generation?


    Drug treatment services do not usually take into account the rights and well-being of children while their parents are in treatment, it is time to change this

  7. World Children’s Day

    World Children’s Day


    A day to promote awareness among children worldwide, improve their welfare, and protect them from drugs, whether licit or not