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  1. AIDS: Gender Inequalities Worsen the Epidemic


    Around the world, about as many women as men suffer from HIV/AIDS, but there are huge differences in the impact of the disease, depending on whether you are a man or a woman

  2. AIDS: Female Adolescents are the Most Vulnerable


    The number of people in treatment has increased dramatically, reducing AIDS-related deaths among adults and children. However, the number of new HIV infections remains at a worrying level.

  3. HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse


    Challenges and peculiarities in treating dual diagnosis – substance abuse and HIV/AIDS by María de los Angeles Lobos Palacios Since its very beginning, the HIV/AIDS epidemics has been inextricably intertwined with substance abuse and addiction, resulting in heightened risks of contracting and transmitting HIV, and also of worsening its consequences. Most people are aware that intravenous… Read more »

  4. Journée mondiale du sida, le 1er décembre

    December 1st – World AIDS Day


    Each year, on the 1st of December, the World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people to fight HIV worldwide, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died

  5. March 1 – Zero Discrimination Day


    March 1 is the second Zero Discrimination Day, an annual worldwide event that promotes diversity and recognizes that everyone counts

  6. World AIDS Day

    AIDS – A New Hope after 40 years


    World AIDS Day – Ending AIDS epidemic by 2030 is now possible

  7. "United Against AIDS" one of the campaign's posters in Italy

    AIDS Prevention Campaign: Dianova Italy Partner of the Ministry of Health


    Dianova Italy is one of the partners of a campaign launched by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness on AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). The campaign was launched on a dedicated website under the motto: “United against AIDS”.

  8. Improved access to treatment reduced AIDS related deaths

    AIDS in Latin America


    According to the United Nations program on AIDS (UNAIDS), improved access to antiretroviral treatment has reduced the number of AIDS related deaths in Latin America, while the transmission of HIV aggravates due to scarce prevention programs.