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  1. Starlings Community: A Commitment to Children


    Children have a right to be protected from substance use stigma and its harmful effects on families: an opinion article on the perspective of children’s rights in the field of addictions

  2. Collaborative Network on Chemsex in Lisbon


    In Lisbon, a coordinated and complementary response by community organisations is meeting the needs of people who practise chemsex

  3. “Sex and Drugs and…” Chemsex


    When it comes to chemsex, it is essential to improve training and strengthen the network of professionals involved

  4. Uruguay: New Community Mental Health Reference Centre


    The Dianova Uruguay Foundation will manage a mental health referral centre dedicated to supporting highly vulnerable people

  5. EMCDDA Becomes EUDA: More Powers and Cooperation with Civil Society


    The new European Union Drugs Agency will have more powers to face current and future challenges

  6. Pompidou Group 2024 Thematic Training


    Improving access to and quality of treatment services: a fundamental step in addressing substance use disorders and related mental health problems

  7. European Civil Society Consultations


    Društvo UP, associate member of Dianova International, participates in two important meetings on drug policy developments

  8. Youth, Mental Health and Addiction


    On the occasion of the World Children’s Day, Dianova organized a webinar with the participation of several experts

  9. Event: Young people, Mental Health and Addictions


    A Dianova virtual event will address the issue of mental health among young people and their relationship with addictions

  10. Overdose Awareness Day


    On 31 August, several hundred events are being organized around the world to raise public awareness of the importance of the overdose problem