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  1. Declaration of Oviedo


    Call on civil society organizations to support the Oviedo Declaration, a global initiative to strengthen addiction prevention

  2. First and Foremost, Prevention is a Science


    Dianova participates in an expert consultation on drug prevention organized by the Proyecto Hombre association in Oviedo (Spain)

  3. Navchetna Prevention Programme in India


    Implemented by SPYM, the science-based Navchetna drug prevention programme gives school children life skills and drug education

  4. Drugs and Public Health: Where Are We Headed?


    Repressive politices have been ineffective in tackling the drug phenomenon this is why the importance of a public health approach should be reaffirmed

  5. Alcohol, a Threat to the Young


    In Spain, 76% of secondary school students have consumed alcohol in the past year and 32% have had heavy drinking episodes in the past month

  6. Dianova’s Most Read Articles in 2021


    After another complicated period, let’s have a look back on the past year with the top ten articles that our readers found most interesting

  7. “Together, We Grow” Families as health agents


    Interview with Antonio Vázquez de la Torre, Rotary Club representative for the universal prevention training project for families “Together, We Grow.”

  8. Involving Families in the Prevention of Addictions


    The Rotary Action Group or Addiction Prevention supports a prevention programme soon to be implemented by Rotary Clubs in Spain and Dianova

  9. Youth Hackathon to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing


    Dianova participated in a conference and contest to design innovative projects in the field of mental health

  10. Technology and Communication


    Media literacy and education technology should start in childhood, with the participation of families and teachers