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  1. Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020

    18/07/2022 -

    Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020 and the national drug policies of 8 EU countries: divergences, convergences, gaps and areas for developments Although drug policies are the exclusive competence of each country, the reports, plans and other initiatives developed by the EU institutions nevertheless constitute a coordination platform for joint and long-term… Read more »

  2. The Children’s Rights Perspective in Addiction Services

    07/10/2021 -

    Dianova conducted a survey to gather information about how children’s needs are being addressed in addiction services for adults

  3. Study on Cannabis Regulation

    25/11/2020 -

    Dianova gathers several experts to carry out a study on the consequences of the regulation of cannabis

  4. Implications of COVID-19 for People who Use Drugs

    16/05/2020 -

    How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting drug users and those who provide services to them?

    Implications of COVID-19 for People who Use Drugs
  5. Dianova and the Challenges of the Third Sector

    09/05/2017 -

    A study by sociologist José Carrón provides information and thoughts on the history and development of the social state and the third sector in Europe and the Americas The public policies implemented in recent years have been characterized by a set of measures or cutbacks which have greatly affected society in general, our various social… Read more »

  6. Scientific Evidence in the Third Sector

    15/06/2016 -

    What is scientific evidence in the third sector for? This article aims to answer this central question based on a sustained argumentation in a follow-up study carried out at the therapeutic community Quinta das Lapas (Portugal)

  7. Consumption Patterns and Healthcare Response in the EU, Western Europe & the Americas

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Benjamín López Sánchez Published in 2001, this study looked at drug use around the world through the 1990’s. It reports on which drugs were most consumed, by whom, and how they were used. It examines, in turn, the most widely applied rehabilitation programs, as well as harm reduction and prevention strategies. Download (English and Spanish… Read more »

    Consumption Patterns and Healthcare Response
  8. DUSNAT Statistical Information System

    03/05/2016 -

    Between 2002 and 2005, Dianova launched the Information System and Cumulative Registry of Cases known as DUSNAT to furnish adequate statistical information in support of these processes, allow analysis of the characteristics and evolution of the treated population, and provide a basis for designing future adjustments to interventions. Download (in Spanish) Executive Summary 2004 Annual Report 2004… Read more »

    Dusnat cover pager
  9. Follow-up Study in Sweden

    03/05/2016 -

    Authors: Mats Fridell, Johanna Crabo, Maja Gradowska Published by: Dianova Sweden As part of Dianova’s initiative in Sweden, the Psychology Department at Lund University carried out a study on 72 individuals who sought out Dianova services. Download Follow-up Study in Sweden (PDF)

    follow up study cover page