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  1. Homelessness and the Positive Development Model: An intervention proposal

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Dr. Joana Calero Plaza, Director of the Masters Program in Education and Rehabilitation, Univ. Católica de Valencia and Zaray Cabrera Gómez, Diploma in Social Work and Social Education Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) The complex circumstances homeless people face necessitate comprehensive interventions, such as the Positive Development Model, that address more… Read more »

  2. Analysis of the impact of Cinema and TV Series on Drug Use Patterns and Other Addictions among Youth

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Antonio Jesús Molina Fernández. Psychologist, Centre Director and Therapy Coordinator – Dianova Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) The aim of this article is to investigate the influence of current prominent films and TV series and their consequences (positive and negative) on youth behaviour patterns and the management of… Read more »

    TV series
  3. Personality Traits Associated with Drug Use in Adolescents

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Esther Claver Turiégano, University of Zaragoza, Faculty of Human Sciences and Education, Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) Drug users display less autonomy and creativity than do non-users. This leads us to recommend preventive actions that train users in autonomy and impulse control, and provide them with social and creativity skills. Download… Read more »

    Femme en train de fumer
  4. The Bipolar Syndrome Controversy – with or without Addiction: There are Significant Differences

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Diego Barral et al., Psychiatrist at the Doctor Negrín Hospital – Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) El objetivo del estudio es determinar si existen diferencias significativas en las variables clínicas y el uso de recursos hospitalarios entre los pacientes con trastorno bipolar comórbido o no en adicciones. Download… Read more »

    máscaras que representan la bipolaridad
  5. Drug & Alcohol Relapse: An Alternative Treatment from the Perspective of Mindfulness

    10/04/2016 -

    Author: Beatriz Regadera Martínez, Psychologist at the ‘Cattell Psicólogos’ Clinic Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 27 – first semester 2015) There is high rates of relapse among those who were able to achieve abstinence following a treatment program. This article examines the components affecting the probability of relapse, such as craving and other risk factors. Download… Read more »

    Drug relapse
  6. Addiction and HIV/AIDS: Challenges and Specificities of Treatment, in Relation to a Clinical Case

    20/01/2016 -

    By Maria de los Angeles Lobos Palacios, psychologist, University of Chile  – Director of Dianova’s program for women in Viña del Mar (Dianova Chile) Download complete article (in Spanish) Summary Introduction:This descriptive article aims to account for the specificity and possible complications that acquires the treatment and approach of an addiction when there is a concomitant… Read more »

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