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  1. Personality Traits Associated with Drug Use in Adolescents

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Esther Claver Turiégano, University of Zaragoza, Faculty of Human Sciences and Education, Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) Drug users display less autonomy and creativity than do non-users. This leads us to recommend preventive actions that train users in autonomy and impulse control, and provide them with social and creativity skills. Download… Read more »

    Femme en train de fumer
  2. The Bipolar Syndrome Controversy – with or without Addiction: There are Significant Differences

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Diego Barral et al., Psychiatrist at the Doctor Negrín Hospital – Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) El objetivo del estudio es determinar si existen diferencias significativas en las variables clínicas y el uso de recursos hospitalarios entre los pacientes con trastorno bipolar comórbido o no en adicciones. Download… Read more »

    máscaras que representan la bipolaridad
  3. Drug & Alcohol Relapse: An Alternative Treatment from the Perspective of Mindfulness

    10/04/2016 -

    Author: Beatriz Regadera Martínez, Psychologist at the ‘Cattell Psicólogos’ Clinic Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 27 – first semester 2015) There is high rates of relapse among those who were able to achieve abstinence following a treatment program. This article examines the components affecting the probability of relapse, such as craving and other risk factors. Download… Read more »

    Drug relapse
  4. Addiction and HIV/AIDS: Challenges and Specificities of Treatment, in Relation to a Clinical Case

    20/01/2016 -

    By Maria de los Angeles Lobos Palacios, psychologist, University of Chile  – Director of Dianova’s program for women in Viña del Mar (Dianova Chile) Download complete article (in Spanish) Summary Introduction:This descriptive article aims to account for the specificity and possible complications that acquires the treatment and approach of an addiction when there is a concomitant… Read more »

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