The Dianova International Manifesto 2020

The “Dianova International Manifesto” was updated in collaboration with all member organizations of the Dianova network

The Manifesto was originally published in 2010 and reflects Dianova’s commitment and positioning in various areas of interest to the network. It is designed to be a reference tool used for various purposes, including preparation of advocacy activities deployed by Dianova International or its members.

After an initial revision in 2017, the latest version of the document is published in 2021, following a Study on the Regulation and Legalization of the Therapeutic and Recreational Uses of Cannabis implemented by Dianova International with the participation of various international experts. One of the objectives of this study was to provide a solid basis for the revision of Dianova’s position on addictions, one of the chapters of the Manifesto.

The Manifesto document is divided into two parts: the first describes the type of environment in which Dianova becomes involved and the relationships it develops there, while the second part focuses on the organization’s positioning on a number of fundamental social issues. This new version, that comprises Dianova’s new addiction paper on addictions and on cannabis policies, was approved by Dianova members at the organization’s general assembly in November 2020.

Download the Dianova International Manifesto