Scientific Evidence in the Third Sector

Follow-Up Study, Dianova Portugal

quinta-das-lapasAuthors: Pedro Candeias, Susana Henrique

What is scientific evidence in the third sector for? This article aims to answer this central question based on a sustained argumentation in a follow-up study carried out at the therapeutic community Quinta das Lapas of the Dianova Association, in Portugal.

The study of the integration trajectories of ex-dependents after the therapeutic process carried out at that community between 1999 and 2009, permitted the identification of some critical aspects in the process of social reinsertion. These are the aspects we discuss here, defending that from this analysis and discussion changes will result impacting the level of improvement of the services of treatment and reinsertion, and also the level of related public policies. Thus contributing to a more effective social reintegration of persons in a situation of vulnerability and consequently to the promotion of social cohesion.

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