Infographic: Protecting the Rights of Children Exposed to Parental Substance Misuse

A new infographic focuses on the situation of children whose parents use alcohol and other drugs and how we can protect their rights

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Children exposed to parental substance misuse face additional risks as compared to other children

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The situation of children of people who use drugs is an issue that has not received the attention it deserves. Many issues have yet to be addressed: the implementation of a children’s rights perspective in addiction services, the design of specific prevention programmes, or the need for collaboration between different services, among others. In short, what actions can we take to improve these children’s situation.

Dianova wants to contribute to opening this debate and has therefore carried out a survey to gather information on how children’s needs are addressed in addiction services oriented to adults. With the publication of this infographic we wanted to unify the main conclusions of the survey together with Dianova’s expertise.

We hope it will be of interest to you and that we can work together to implement a child perspective in addiction services.

Many thanks to Margherita Pandolfi from “The Good Lobby” for her collaboration in the elaboration of this infographic.