Problematic Internet Use in Young Portuguese People

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By Ivone Patrão PhD, ISPA-University Institute (‘Promoting Human Potential’ Research Group)

internat-addiction-disorderThe article by Ivone Patrão aims to present clinical experience gained from interventions with young people engaging in problematic internet use and their families. It discusses the question of criteria used to diagnose problematic internet use and presents studies carried out with young Portuguese people, which indicate the risk profiles.

Keywords: Problematic internet use, addiction, young people, clinical intervention

Biographical Note

Ivone Patrão is a clinical psychologist, she has a Masters and PhD in Psychology of Health (ISPA-Instituto Universitario), as well as being a therapist in family relationships. She has been carrying out clinical work with the Portuguese National Health Service for a number of years, working with children, young adults and families, and in recent years has specialised in the area of technology dependence. She is a teacher and researcher (ISPA-IU,  Promoting Human Potential research group) and has published several scientific articles and books. A contributing member of NUPI – Nucleus on Problematic Internet Use (HSM-CHLN). Senior Health Technician at ARSLVT,IP.

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