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  1. follow up study cover page

    Follow-up Study in Sweden

    03/05/2016 -

    Authors: Mats Fridell, Johanna Crabo, Maja Gradowska Published by: Dianova Sweden As part of Dianova’s initiative in Sweden, the Psychology Department at Lund University carried out a study on 72 individuals who sought out Dianova services. Download Follow-up Study in Sweden (PDF)

  2. Intervention manual cover image

    Dianova Early Intervention Manual

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Dianova Spain This manual provides pointers and information that we hope will clarify the complex problem of addictive behavior, especially in youths and adolescents. Our goal is to help improve the lives of many who suffer from the consequences and effects of addiction. Download (in Spanish) Dianova Early Intervention Manual (PDF)

  3. Stress at work

    Corporate Social Responsibility, the Role of Companies in Addiction

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: María del Mar Villalba Vega, BSc in Psychology, University of Sevilla Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 25 – first semester 2014) Analysis of the problems caused by addiction in the work environment, repercussions, diagnoses, solutions, and prevention programs from the corporate social responsibility strategy.  Addictions are described from the viewpoint of  occupational health and… Read more »

  4. Dianova facility in Spain

    Tackling Addiction, Dianova’s Commitment to Society & Community

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Rosa María Frías Reina, BSc in Psychology of Organizations, Director of People Management, Dianova Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 25 – first semester 2014) Dianova Spain fulfils its commitment to society and people within the framework of the NGO’s social purpose to provide addiction services. Dianova offers professional assistance with a multidimensional perspective to… Read more »

  5. New technologies

    Information and Communication Technologies

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Mayte Helguera, Psychologist Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 26 – second semester 2014) The use of information technologies is not addictive per se, provided that they are used for entertainment or communication and that they do not interfere with people’s obligations or regular activities. New technologies should not constitute a model for the adolescent. Download… Read more »

  6. Suicidal attempt drawing

    Antecedents of Alcohol Abuse and Other Substances and Suicidal Ideation and Behaviour

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Katia Kokoulina Cherevach, Clinical Psychologist, Centre Director and Therapy Coordinator – Dianova Spain. Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) Suicidal behaviour is mainly related with a past element, such as child abuse, and often in the present time with a consumption of addictive substances: alcohol use is likely to increase suicidal ideation… Read more »

  7. People drinking in old café

    The Management of Stigma in Recreational Drug Users

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: David Pere Martínez Oró, Doctor in Social Psychology, IGenus Foundation Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 27 – first semester 2015) Three categories of users are presented: the self-stigmatized ones, who tend to reproduce stigma despite being drug and alcohol users themselves; the cautious ones, who conceal their characteristics in certain contexts to avoid stigma;… Read more »

  8. corazón y símbolo infinito

    Globalisation, Social Networks and Sexual Addiction

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: María Filomena Garrido Blanco, General Health Psychologist Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 28 – second semester 2015) It is estimated that 70% of males between 18 and 24 frequently visit porn sites, and up to 20% admit doing it at work. Can people become addicted to porn? We still cannot answer this question earnestly, however… Read more »

  9. Smoking girl

    Socio-Educational Support to Adolescent Using Marijuana in Times of Crisis

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús – Psychologist, Public Health Service, Granollers City Council, University of Vic Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 28 – second semester 2015) The use of marijuana during adolescence is almost always a matter of controversy. In most cases it is considered a serious problem and most people are reluctant to accept that… Read more »

  10. Homelessness

    Homelessness and the Positive Development Model: An intervention proposal

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Dr. Joana Calero Plaza, Director of the Masters Program in Education and Rehabilitation, Univ. Católica de Valencia and Zaray Cabrera Gómez, Diploma in Social Work and Social Education Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 29 – first semester 2016) The complex circumstances homeless people face necessitate comprehensive interventions, such as the Positive Development Model, that address more… Read more »