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  1. Dianova’s Organizational Stance on Drug Policies

    10/06/2016 -

    Published in June 2015, the document situates the international context in which drug policies were developed before making a quick assessment of the current prohibitionist policies. The following sections discuss the various options for regulating the drug market before addressing the criteria for implementation of current drug policies. the conclusions develop recommendations on the future of drug policy… Read more »

  2. Consumption Patterns and Healthcare Response

    Consumption Patterns and Healthcare Response in the EU, Western Europe & the Americas

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Benjamín López Sánchez Published in 2001, this study looked at drug use around the world through the 1990’s. It reports on which drugs were most consumed, by whom, and how they were used. It examines, in turn, the most widely applied rehabilitation programs, as well as harm reduction and prevention strategies. Download (English and Spanish… Read more »

  3. Dusnat cover pager

    DUSNAT Statistical Information System

    03/05/2016 -

    Between 2002 and 2005, Dianova launched the Information System and Cumulative Registry of Cases known as DUSNAT to furnish adequate statistical information in support of these processes, allow analysis of the characteristics and evolution of the treated population, and provide a basis for designing future adjustments to interventions. Download (in Spanish) Executive Summary 2004 Annual Report 2004… Read more »

  4. Mindulness road sign

    New Frontiers in Treating Addiction, the Mindfulness Model

    03/05/2016 -

    Autjhor: Dr. Micaela Barnato Applications of the ‘mindfulness’ model (or full awareness) in treating addiction. Download (in italian) New Frontiers in Treating Addiction, the Mindfulness Model (PDF)

  5. nautilus center, italy

    The Efficacy of a Harm-reduction Intervention in the Nautilus Center

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Gemma Battagliese, Faculty of Psychology and Medicine, Univ. Sapienza, Rome Published by: Dianova Italy This study examines the efficacy of interventions with users of alcohol and other drugs in the Nautilus Day Center (Tivoli) Download (in italian) The Efficacy of a Harm-reduction Intervention in the Nautilus Center (PDF)

  6. follow up study cover page

    Follow-up Study in Sweden

    03/05/2016 -

    Authors: Mats Fridell, Johanna Crabo, Maja Gradowska Published by: Dianova Sweden As part of Dianova’s initiative in Sweden, the Psychology Department at Lund University carried out a study on 72 individuals who sought out Dianova services. Download Follow-up Study in Sweden (PDF)

  7. Intervention manual cover image

    Dianova Early Intervention Manual

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Dianova Spain This manual provides pointers and information that we hope will clarify the complex problem of addictive behavior, especially in youths and adolescents. Our goal is to help improve the lives of many who suffer from the consequences and effects of addiction. Download (in Spanish) Dianova Early Intervention Manual (PDF)

  8. Stress at work

    Corporate Social Responsibility, the Role of Companies in Addiction

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: María del Mar Villalba Vega, BSc in Psychology, University of Sevilla Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 25 – first semester 2014) Analysis of the problems caused by addiction in the work environment, repercussions, diagnoses, solutions, and prevention programs from the corporate social responsibility strategy.  Addictions are described from the viewpoint of  occupational health and… Read more »

  9. Dianova facility in Spain

    Tackling Addiction, Dianova’s Commitment to Society & Community

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Rosa María Frías Reina, BSc in Psychology of Organizations, Director of People Management, Dianova Spain Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 25 – first semester 2014) Dianova Spain fulfils its commitment to society and people within the framework of the NGO’s social purpose to provide addiction services. Dianova offers professional assistance with a multidimensional perspective to… Read more »

  10. New technologies

    Information and Communication Technologies

    03/05/2016 -

    Author: Mayte Helguera, Psychologist Published by: Dianova Spain (Infonova 26 – second semester 2014) The use of information technologies is not addictive per se, provided that they are used for entertainment or communication and that they do not interfere with people’s obligations or regular activities. New technologies should not constitute a model for the adolescent. Download… Read more »