Implementing a Gender Approach in Drug Policies

Implementing a Gender Approach in Drug Policies: Prevention, Treatment and Criminal Justice – A handbook for practitioners and decision-makers

Authors: Carine Mutatayi, Sarah Morton, Nadia Robles Soto, Kristín l. Pálsdóttir and Cristiana Vale Pires

A publication of the Pompidou Group / Council of Europe

The Pompidou Group (officially named Council of Europe International Cooperation Group on Drugs and Addictions) is the Council of Europe’s drug policy co-operation platform. It provides a multidisciplinary forum where policy makers, professionals and researches can exchange information and experiences on drug use and drug trafficking.

This handbook is the continuation of the work undertaken by the Pompidou Group towards integrating a gender dimension into drug policy. It contains: a set of principles and practical examples to provide concrete guidance for implementing a gender approach in planning and service delivery on prevention, care and treatment services for the persons who use drugs or are vulnerable regarding drug use; as well as guidance for law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system on practical integration of gender approaches in their work domain.

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