EXIT Magazine #31

Revue en ligne EXIT, numéro 31

We’d like to invite you to read the EXIT® online magazine’s new issue published by the association Dianova Portugal in the English language. The 31st issue of the magazine focuses on “Mental health care: the benefits of addiction treatment for people, communities and governments”. In this edition of the EXIT magazine, we bring you news of Dianova’s action in Portugal as well as an overview of that of the whole network, including interviews of several of the network’s member organizations’ representatives in Chile, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, India, Pakistan, Kenya and Norway.

In addition, EXIT offers readers various interviews with Portuguese addiction professionals, including Dr. João Goulão, director of SICAD, the Portuguese agency on drugs, and more specifically, the architect of a major reform that contributed to successfully address a devastating heroin epidemic by providing aid and support rather than punishment. Beyond Portugal however, the magazine offers transnational perspectives about addiction treatment and prevention in countries such as Belgium, the United States, Brazil, Norway, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Australia, with interviews and articles from 29 recognized experts from governments, universities or civil society in these countries.