Addiction and HIV/AIDS: Challenges and Specificities of Treatment, in Relation to a Clinical Case

The team of Dianova Chile

By Maria de los Angeles Lobos Palacios, psychologist, University of Chile  – Director of Dianova’s program for women in Viña del Mar (Dianova Chile)

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Introduction:This descriptive article aims to account for the specificity and possible complications that acquires the treatment and approach of an addiction when there is a concomitant diagnosis of HIV / AIDS -both pathologies of great impact in public health-.

Material and Methods: As a unit of analysis, a case report and a related literature review was used.

Results: Difficulties regarding adherence were found in both the treatment of problem drug use as antiretroviral therapy for HIV management as well as greater physical deterioration and complexity to establish a differential diagnosis of symptoms. Another finding was linked to the difficulty of structuring a therapeutic demand and firm motivation for change, which tends to be interfered with by reactive mood disorders to HIV diagnosis.

Conclusions: From this, the importance of a comprehensive approach and networking with other health devices, household unit and the community to give greater support and prevent exclusion to those who are at risk and display this dual diagnosis.