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  1. Health and Social Responses to Drug Problems

    02/02/2023 -

    The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction published a guide to help practitioners and policy makers implement effective responses

  2. Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse and its Relationship to Substance Use as a Consequence of a Complex Trauma

    21/11/2022 -

    This article examines the correlation between child and adolescent sexual abuse and the addiction of toxic substances in adolescence or adulthood as an indicator of the genesis of trauma

  3. How the admission process works at an addiction treatment centre: a look at Quinta das Lapas in Portugal

    16/11/2022 -

    Being admitted to an addiction treatment centre is a decision that the person having problems with substance use has to make. But very often, it is their family members who will take the first step by looking for more information. Questions typically include the following: What types of centres are there? What are the facilities… Read more »

  4. Co-addiction

    Co-addiction – the disorder suffered by the family members of a substance user

    27/10/2022 -

    When a person develops an addiction, or codependency, in relation to a particular substance, that person gets sick, but so does that person’s family. This is known as “co-addiction” or “codependency”. In this article, we’ll give you some key information to help you understand what this disorder means, what causes it, and which tools are… Read more »

  5. 10 consejos para superar una adicción

    Ten Tips on Overcoming an Addiction

    10/10/2022 -

      There are many types of addiction: drugs, alcohol, the Internet, social media, gaming, and compulsive shopping, and we are all – to a greater or lesser extent – susceptible to developing an addiction at some point in our lives. This article will give you some effective tools that could help you or a family… Read more »

  6. Implementing a Gender Approach in Drug Policies

    28/09/2022 -

    Implementing a Gender Approach in Drug Policies: Prevention, Treatment and Criminal Justice, a handbook by the Pompidou Group

  7. Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020

    18/07/2022 -

    Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020 and the national drug policies of 8 EU countries: divergences, convergences, gaps and areas for developments Although drug policies are the exclusive competence of each country, the reports, plans and other initiatives developed by the EU institutions nevertheless constitute a coordination platform for joint and long-term… Read more »

  8. Prevention of Addictive and Other Risky Behaviours in Youth

    16/03/2022 -

    Prevention programmes must be dynamic, flexible, and adapted to the current realities of youth

  9. Infographic: Protecting the Rights of Children Affected by Parental Substance Use

    Infographic: Protecting the Rights of Children Affected by Parental Substance Use

    22/11/2021 -

    A new infographic focuses on the situation of children whose parents use alcohol and other drugs and how we can protect their rights

  10. The Children’s Rights Perspective in Addiction Services

    07/10/2021 -

    Dianova conducted a survey to gather information about how children’s needs are being addressed in addiction services for adults