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  1. Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020

    18/07/2022 -

    Study on the European Action Plan on Drugs 2017-2020 and the national drug policies of 8 EU countries: divergences, convergences, gaps and areas for developments Although drug policies are the exclusive competence of each country, the reports, plans and other initiatives developed by the EU institutions nevertheless constitute a coordination platform for joint and long-term… Read more »

  2. Prevention of Addictive and Other Risky Behaviours in Youth

    16/03/2022 -

    Prevention programmes must be dynamic, flexible, and adapted to the current realities of youth

  3. Infographic: Protecting the Rights of Children Affected by Parental Substance Use

    22/11/2021 -

    A new infographic focuses on the situation of children whose parents use alcohol and other drugs and how we can protect their rights

  4. The Children’s Rights Perspective in Addiction Services

    07/10/2021 -

    Dianova conducted a survey to gather information about how children’s needs are being addressed in addiction services for adults

  5. Mainstreaming the Gender Perspective in Addiction Services – How Does It Translate in Practice?

    08/07/2021 -

    Dianova and WFAD organized an interactive Round Table to reflect on how to mainstream the gender perspective in prevention, treatment, harm reduction and reintegration services for people with addictions

  6. Annual Reports and Auditors Report

    11/06/2021 -

    In 2021, 127,855 people have benefited directly or indirectly from our programmes and more than 6 million people have been reached by our social media activities and campaigns

  7. Gender Barriers in Addiction Treatment What Are They and How Can We Overcome Them?

    05/05/2021 -

    Dianova and the World Federation Against Drugs publish an infographic that make gender barriers in the treatment of addictions visible and proposes ways to overcome them

  8. Position Paper on Addiction and Cannabis Policies

    16/01/2021 -

    The document reflects Dianova’s views on addiction treatment and prevention, and drug policies, including cannabis

  9. The Dianova International Manifesto 2020

    15/01/2021 -

    The “Dianova International Manifesto” was updated in collaboration with all member organizations of the Dianova network

  10. The Social Impact of Dianova Members in 2019

    18/12/2020 -

    The Social Impact of Dianova International Members in 2019 – Together, farther