1. WFTC World Social Report

    14/03/2024 -

    WFTC second World Social Report presents a detailed overview of the reality of therapeutic communities globally

  2. Declaration of Oviedo – A Global Initiative for the Prevention of Drug Use

    24/01/2024 -

    Civil society organizations have the opportunity to endorse the Oviedo Declaration and support the initiative by signing it

  3. Mental health, human rights and legislation

    17/01/2024 -

    Mental health, human rights and legislation: guidance and practice, A publication by: WHO team Mental Health and Substance Use

  4. Addiction and Justice: Preserving Adolescents’ Rights

    01/12/2023 -

    In Mexico, a therapeutic community dedicated to treating mental health and addiction problems in adolescents in conflict with the law

  5. People Who Use Drugs and Mental Health

    17/11/2023 -

    A position paper developed by the Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD), an expert group of the European Commission

  6. Mental Health in Chile: a Preventive Approach

    10/10/2023 -

    It is essential to identify and understand the risk factors that influence the psychological well-being of the population – the example of Chile

  7. The State of the Art on Gender and Addiction

    02/10/2023 -

    A study examines the relationship between gender and drugs and the evolution of the gender perspective in addiction services in the last decade in Spain

  8. Annual Reports and Auditors Report

    17/09/2023 -

    In 2022, about 143,000 people have benefited directly or indirectly from our programmes and more than 4 million people have been impacted by our campaigns

  9. The Power of Words

    21/07/2023 -

    “The Power of Words” is an open-access document aimed at changing the way we talk about people who use drugs

  10. Enhancing the Gender Perspective in EU Drug Policies

    06/07/2023 -

    Dianova participates in the preparation of a report aimed at EU drug policy decision-makers, with a view to enhancing the gender perspective